Help!?! Mallard or Rouen


Oct 13, 2018
Adirondacks, NY

I have been under the assumption that my ducks are Rouens for the following reasons:
1) When I brought duckling pics to my local TSC, the duck guru said they were Rouen (the original TSC lady at the store I bought them from told me they Khakis - even I knew that was wrong).
2) TSC is not supposed to sell mallards in NY state. We can own them, but just not buy them through TSC (I can buy them from a farm).
3) They look like most of the Rouens posted here.

However, doubt has been creeping into my mind for the following reasons:
1) They don’t weigh that much - I don’t know their official weight, but they don’t feel like 10 pounds - how heavy should Rouens be at 9+ weeks?
2) They look to be the same size as ducks I’ve seen in the wild around here, but maybe a little larger because I feed them.
3) They don’t eat like pigs - they are picky eaters.
4) They just flew - as a flock - across my back yard, maybe twenty yards and about 4 feet high. At this rate, if they keep working on flying, they’ll be able to clear my fence soon! I thought Rouens couldn’t fly?

Regardless of breed, should I clip their wings? Put up higher net fencing? Or should I leave their predator defenses intact hoping they’ll be able to get back in my yard once they’ve gotten out? If they are mallards, I’ll have to start looking into the breed because I’ve only researched the Rouens. Do Rouens fly? Hmm, maybe I should research both breeds a bit more...


Oct 31, 2018
Central Arkansas
The Rouen can "fly" to some degree, but it is very poor flight ability, in comparison, to the Mallard. They were domesticated in France from their descendant the Mallard, so the ducks would be able to "fly," but not take off easily like their cousin duck. Once they get more matured and gain weight, they should lose their ability to take off like they are going to the nearest duck resort. :) I do agree with the above poster that a picture would be best to help with this conundrum of what breed you actually got from TSC. You might also have a cross between the two, no telling unless you know where they bought their ducklings, in regards to TSC. Good luck!


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May 13, 2018
I look forward to seeing pictures! Daphne was an adult when I got her, so I don’t know about her duckling-hood. However, she is far from 10 lbs - she is actually just over 6 lbs and does not seem smaller than a typical “utility” Rouen hen. I know that the ducks raised for show are significantly larger than the everyday multipurpose Rouens you get from Tractor Supply or similar places. Daphne can fly in short bursts, but then she is done. No wing clipping needed! I don’t know if she flew better as a duckling. Anyways, definitely post pictures whe you can. There are never enough Rouen pictures on this forum!


Apr 15, 2018
Central PA
Posting pictures of them would help us identify them. Sometimes a lot of places like TSC that sell poultry don't know a lot about the birds. Some employees there have never owned poultry before, or might not have owned a specific breed and whatnot.
I've had both mallards and rouens. Mallards are a very small breed of duck, and lightweight. I think at most they get to be a little over 3lbs, whereas rouens get to be 6-8lbs. My rouens never once flew, but the mallards - boy did they fly! Rouens look similar in color to mallards, but they're different in size. Plus mallards have a more slim look to them compared to rouens. Again though, if you get the chance to post pictures of them, please do! It would help to identify them for sure :)


Oct 13, 2018
Adirondacks, NY
<--------umm... there's an icon pic . However, I now have pics with a better perspective.

The jar is what would hold pickled sausages or eggs.

chickens really

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Sep 8, 2015
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They are cute. Still pretty young so won't be adult size till after they have a juvenile molt. Look like Rouen to me. I used to have Appleyard Ducks and they could get lift and fly across my yard. I have Calls and they can fly about 8 feet up and then land about 50 feet away.

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