HELP may have a sick baby. Can I give my chicks some herbs tonight...but get them grit tomorrow?

Discussion in 'Raising Baby Chicks' started by TripMomma, Feb 2, 2015.

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    I suspect one of my new babies has something respiratory trying to start. The last 2 days she has been breathing faster and a little harder than the others, and makes a faint popping or clicking sound when breathing if I hold her up to my ear...thankfully so far that's it (eating and drinking fine, no discharge and no sneezing). I read some herbal remedies to try (apple cider vinegar in the water, then some crushed garlic, basil, clover, dill, thyme and cinnamon to eat). I plan to add the ACV to their water tonight, I would like to start the herbs tonight too, but my chicks have only been on chick starter so I have no grit on hand. I can go pick some up in the morning, would they be OK to get the herbs tonight, or should I wait for the grit? Thanks!
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    In my opinion, grit is needed when chickens consume hard seeds. You are providing soft green food. Garlic is not green but is soft. Mash it well into a mush. Finely chop the other stuff. As to if you should give it to your chicks, I am not that knowledgeable on such for baby chicks. I know it would not hurt adult chickens. I personally would take a nutritional approach and feed your chick eggs. Cant go wrong there. Boiled yolks, or scrambled would be my choice. That one little chick wont eat all that many eggs to break the bank. If she improves to normal, then back to starter. WISHING YOU WELL.......
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    Unfortunately no herbal remedy will cure a respiratory disease, if that's the problem you're having...

    Isolate the baby into a small brooder of its own and keep giving it the starter and water, along with the heat and proper litter, etc. Keep a good eye on it, and look to see if it gets any better. If its disease you don't want it infecting all the others.
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