Help me choose my new puppy????? OES

Which pup should I get????

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12 Years
Jun 7, 2010
I am thrilled to tell you all that a chance has come up for Oesdog to have a puppy!!!!
You all know how upset and sad I was to lose my dear Murph ( my avitar pic) Suddenly in July.
Well now there are two boys left in a litter - but the breeder is miles away in Cork right down the south of Ireland.
It is too far for us to travel. This is a registered Breeder with the kennel club. The pup will be Kennel club registered, vaccinated and microchipped.
However the breeder will be in Dublin for a dog show in two weeks time when we will have to travel down to get him. Dublin is about 2 and a half hours form us but it is best we can do as Cork is way further hours further away. Dh and I couldn;t do that trip and so sadly we will have to choose via pics.

So I am putting a pole up to see what you all think? Which one should I go for?

Pup 1 Front view

Pup 1 side view

Pup 2 Front view

Pup 2 Side view

Well they are sooo lovely both boys so it is hard to choose and that is why I am setting up this poll so you all can vote for which you think I should get?

I am pregnant !
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I would make a list of what type of personality you want in your pup. Be as detailed as possible - how active are you, do you want a dog to lay around the house and be close to you or a dog to take long walks in the country? One who likes to cuddle and is always seeking attention or one who is happy to just be in the same room with you? etc

then email that list to the breeder and ask her which of those pups are the best match. Only then would I choose based on looks. Because, face it, all puppies are freakin' cute and I'd want to take them both home!

I didn't pick my last puppy, Singe. I told the breeder what I wanted, he met us and talked to us for HOURS over the entire pregnancy and first weeks of the pups' lives. He came to our house, met the kids and our older dog. We were looking at a girl, only criteria was NO solid black dogs. We ended up with a sable male who is such a perfect match for us, he might have been custom ordered. :)

Most breeders will do things that way and it's not unheard of for them to turn people away because none of the pups are a good match. My breeder has a 6month old girl he is still searching for the right home for.
From the experience I have had over the years with these dogs. Most of them are quite hyper when they are pups and for these dogs they are puppies for a longtime. They are usually 4 /5 before they finally realise they are not a pup. Though for some reason they never seem to get it that grown up means BIGER and they go through life thinking they are a lot smaller than they really are! For me personally I would want a dog that loves long walks as it is my way to escape the stress of caring for the disabled at home. It helps me get my head showered but also the walking helps to keep my Fibro under control. Murphy was a great companion because he loved to walk and used to go all silly and hyper if he thought there was a hint of a chance to go down the beach or over the fields. Equally though he was content to lay in the yard sunning himself for hours. So some day we simply didn;t manage to get out but he was not that bothered as long as he had gizzy and the yard to play in. I am worried about getting the wrong one? No one look a nice fellow and intelligent. He looks happy to play and I like that in a dog. No 2 pup seems a bit more subdued and I feel sorry for it being the last one? He looks cute and needing love. The main reasons why we wanted a pup was because I need to put our own stamp on it and not have to work with other folks mistakes. I want it to be intelligent and funny but also be able to understand the disabled in our home. He needs to learn to walk off lead beside a wheelchair. Not run off and certainly not pull or bulldoze! All those things Murphy was an expert at and it took me ages to train him out of bad habbits. But he was wonderful with Danny and Gizmo. He seemed to know when things were not "right!". Gizmo knows to move out of the way when Dan comes in, he knows he will get stood on if he doesn;t and he doesn;t get mad either if Dan stands on him - I need that from the new pup. Apparently both parents are very placid. So that is a good start.

Ohhh how hard is this???????????

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ask the breeder. It's possible that the OPPOSITE is true simply because you can't tell from photos. Talk to the breeder (who hopefully already asked you these questions? if not, I'd reconsider getting a dog from him) As I said, his goal should be to give you a pup who fits into your home, not just sale the 2 dogs that he has left.

Good luck!!
Puppies are hard to choose, we just got one in August. I would ask the breeder, before we went and visited the pup we talked to the breeder a lot on the phone. You already stated that you can't go visit the puppies but definetily talk to the breeder as everyone else has said! And you seem right about how each dog looks, we got the last of the litter because of her color, she is not the standard color for that breed, but what she lacks in color she makes up for in personality! Good luck!
The other pups were homed already so there was only these two left. I think a lot of the reason is because these are boys and boys are bigger and more boustrous. I am up for that as I like big bousrous pups and long runs up and down the beach. So lots of energy is good. It is a case of beaing able to chanel that possitively. It took me months to train up Murph. I am not sure how I will get that all fitted into the care stuff I do but maybe it will be a possitive for me as it will mean I have to take time out to walk and train the puppy.
Also I think Gizzy will enojoy the company as he has been very low since his pal passed away. The breeder shows OES Dogs and is an Irish Kennel club registered breeder. I think probably this wee man has not met the grade for showing but that doesn't mean he wont be a "good" OES dog or that he doesn;t meet the breed standard just not the show standard. There are silly things like if he has a little bit of blue in a brown eye etc. It is certainly not a deal breaker for what I want as I am not showing him. IF I put him to stud - great if one of his pups makes showing grade but better if they are good house pets!

Based on looks, I like #1. But Dainerra is right, don't go on looks. However, it sounds like you know what you are doing. Good luck!

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