Help me decide! Chicks raised by hen or brooder?


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Feb 22, 2012
Eastern WA
Hi, there. I'm fairly experienced at raising chickens, but have a question about whether or not I should do a brooder or just put the chicks I'm getting in a couple weeks under my two mama hens. (Very good mamas) I know that if I put them in the brooder, I can tame them more. Raised by the hens, they will be wild little monsters!

It's less work to let the hens raise them, but I do sort of want to be able to handle them more. I'm also worried about putting the young pullets in with the hens when they're larger. Worried about the pecking order thing, which I would not have to worry about if the hens raised them.

I'm getting Buckeyes, which are known to be very people-friendly.

What say you?????
When I hatched chicks from a mama they were the sweetest chicks I have ever owned! They loved me and the mama was very willing with her chicks and allowed me to pick them up. She took care of them and raised them into very wonderful chickens. The transition from the mama hen to the coop was easy since the chicks had been with the chickens ever since they were born. If you have some friendly, broody hens, I say do the hens. Takes away some of the work. :yesss:
Our hens let us handle their chicks and it's so lovely to watch their interactions. If your hens trust you the chicks will most likely turn out to be friendlier than if you raised them in a brooder. A mother hen can teach them so much that we can't.

I just wish my quail would brood their babies, but sadly that's been bred out of the Coturnix. It would be so much easier.
Oh! Another question I forgot to ask... Will the hens share? I've only ever had one hen raise a clutch of ducklings - sat on the eggs, hatched, and raised them on her own. So she was the only "mom." Will they share jobs or should I just go with one hen (the other will feel left out!) Thanks!

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