Help me diagnose our sweet girl.

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    My daughter's Red Sex Link is sick. She has been molting, and it has been gloomy/cold here, so egg production has been way down for everyone. So I really hadn't stopped to consider there may be a laying issue.

    I noticed about two days ago she has been staying under our shed instead of venturing out with the flock to range. I guess I just hadn't picked her up in awhile or taken the time to notice she isn't doing so well. She is super skinny.

    I brought her in the house. She is pretty lethargic. she will drink and eat, and she will roost. But not much standing. and she seems like her feathers are a little puffed out at times during the day. Her droppings seem normal, maybe a little watery, but not totally off.
    She is dirty, poop on her belly, as if she hasn't been cleaning herself or dusting. Her comb is pale. I don't feel like her vent looks swollen? but this is our first medical issue with our flock, so I certainly could be wrong!

    I have some vet RX, but have never used it because the directions are too all over the place IMO.

    I had planned to give her a warm bath and try to massage her abdomen? and maybe rub some vaseline around her vent? And possibly getting some electrolytes for her. There is molting mixture stuff at Petco that I *almost* got today....but it's for Parrots. So i didn't.

    I don't know, I hate to lose this hen.Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
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    I don't know what the issue is, and short of taking her to a vet you probably won't get a diagnosis. I would check her over really well for any mites or lice, and treat if she has any. Otherwise, keep her warm and give her lots of TLC and extra food. I had a bottom-of-the-pecking order girl nearly starve as she would be attacked whenever she came anywhere near the food. She did well with a move to a different coop. Good luck with your girl.

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