Help me ID these chicks Please!

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  1. Here are just a few of them can anyone tell me what they are? I have more pics uploading.[​IMG][​IMG]
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  2. OMG they are so cute! The second pic, i beleive the two black and white are barred rocks.
  3. Thanks, I figured that one out, but was curious about the rest. We took them yesterday. Here's another one. [​IMG]
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    how many toes do the feather feet have? are they all feather footed? if the black ones r all feather footed they r not barred rocks. alot of them look cochin to me.
  5. They all have 4 toes, there are two that have black feet but only 4 toes. Most have feathered legs/feet. Could any of them be brahmas? They are an assortment, and they could be barred cochins or mottled cochins.
    And another pic.
    [​IMG] [​IMG]
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    I have a cuckoo maran with feathers on her legs. Could that be a possibility?
  7. I don't think that was one of the choices, but black and white langshans was one of them. I know in that last picture the one with naked legs is a BR Roo. I ordered him that way.
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    The feathers on the legs make them appear to all be cochin varieties. They are cute!
  9. I was thinking they were all cochins, but wasn't sure! Thanks! Here's another pic. [​IMG] I wonder if that one isn't a silver laced cochin. Here is what might be a red cochin. Been hoping for frizzles.
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