Help me out here folks!


12 Years
Mar 11, 2007
I was just told today that I will be going out of town on Friday or Saturday. That will be day 15 or 16 for the eggs in the 'bator. Can they go without turning that long? Also, any tips for keeping humidity in there while I'm away? I know on day 18 you're supposed to stop turning the eggs, but I read in Storey's guide to Raising Chickens that the eggs don't need to be turned after day 14--tomorrow. ANY TIPS FOR HOW I CAN KEEP SUFFICENT MOISTURE IN THERE FOR SIX DAYS?! I though maybe two or three sopping wet sponges--to increase and hold humidity-- or a lot of wet paper towels folded in the bottom. Would the paper towels or sponge catch on fire (or melt) though, if they dry out? Or maybe a dish of water! HELP!

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