Help me please can I save the babies in these eggs

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    Ok Im going to try and make this short but it will be long.
    Friend had my eggs in her inc. and it got to 102 this is when they were supose to hatch, only one has so far.
    Now I went and got a LG and have it set up with a egg turner, has been steady at 99.9 did go up to 100.8 on one temp. the humidy was around 45-50. So what should the humidy be and I didnt take out one of the red vents on the top, do I need to do that for the air flow. The LG is a fan one.
    So Ive been in the hospital all day (long story and lots of tests) but I stoped by and got my eggs the ones supose to hatch on Fri also ones that are supose to hatch on May 1 and yes 14 new eggs that didnt go into her inc.
    I need to know the chance of the first eggs hatching and the second set also at the 102. Plus I put the new eggs in with the other ones in the inc.
    So what should the humd be for them all? Dont want to hurt the new eggs they have the best chance I think.
    I figure someone will say to candle them but they are BC and dark... I need some kind of luck here with the eggs since the Dr still dont know whats wrong with me and I could be back in hospital before the weekend is out again..
    Help Please...
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  2. Zgoatlady

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    Mar 20, 2009
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    Can some on Please help me [​IMG] I really need to know what to do or dont do.
    I was thinking I have all the eggs turning and I know your not supose to do that with hatching eggs. So HELP
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    I don't think 102 for a short time will hurt them.
    I have a Hovabator(styrofoam) with fan. I put one baby food jar of water in for the incubation. At hatch time I add another babyfood jar and some water in the small jar-lid size trough on the bottom of the bator.
    I don't measure humidity.
    Hope this helps.
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    yes...the hatching eggs should stop turning 3 days before hatch.

    the vent doesn't need to be pulled as long as temp and humidity is steady...if water droplets form on top then yes, pull one and vent.

    i just had a temp spike....for a short time they will be ok...mine was about 2 hours.

    the new eggs will need to be turned 2-3x a day.

    I was also in the hospital during the beginning of my incubating...I know how it goes. You will just have to let things take their course. Your health comes first. You can try to instruct someone to look after your incubator but that's not even full sister didn't add enough water and it was bone dry by the time I got home. I don't blame her...she just didn't understand and didn't add nearly enough. I still got 11 chicks and am happy.

    I hope what ever it is...they can find the answer and you can start the recovery process.

  5. Zgoatlady

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    Ive only had one person help me so Im asking again HELP
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    if it is an emergency, it is best posted in the emergency section. Also there are approxiamtely 30 other threads asking this same exact question.

    Temps are usually considered excellent between 98 and 101. You do not want to go higher or lower for very long, but sometimes it happens and eggs survive or do not, depends on who you talk to.

    Temps in my lg's are usually in that range, i have had them spike to 120 !!!! and go as low as 80 for a couple hours before they evened out...and my eggs still hatched, miraculously!

    Humidity depends on where you are and what your normal weather is like.

    I am in Texas, so I have to keep everything plugged to keep humidity up.

    Lg's have many tiny holes to allow circulation as well as the big plugs. They also give a set of basic directions with their set up, and with their turners.

    hatching humidity should be between 65-75%
    incubation humidity for chicks should be about 50%, give or take ten-fifteen %, for waterfowl it should be higher, 60 percent or so.

    I hope this info helps. I am sorry you are not feeling well. I hope the doctors figure out whats wrong and you get better.

    Please do remember that noone on this site are paid vetrinarians on call for every posted emergency. If you have an emergency there is an emergency section as well.
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    So if I understand correctly - your friend had been incubating the eggs, they were supposed to hatch Friday the 24th and you went and got them, took them home and put them in a different incubator?

    If that is correct, I'm not sure how well the eggs will fare - I guess it depends on how much jostling around they got, how they were transported, etc.

  8. Zgoatlady

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    Barn wife,
    Thank you for your help, I guess in the Emer. part might be a better place.
    I did check out the eggs in question and all are gone.
    I think it intersting that the eggs next to them all hatched out.
  9. barnwife

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    After day 18 eggs should not be handled or moved. Any movement at all can cause the baby inside to not be able to find the pipping area it was working on, and not have the strength to make the pip (which takes literally thousands of little pecks for those tiny breaks in the shell) on the newer hole.

    Also, temp and humidity spikes/drops are more harmful during this time of incubation.

    Hope you have a beter hatch net time.

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