Help Me Please with construction The $50.00 a dozen eggs better be good someday. Lol


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My Coop
I would ditch having a floor in the coop, and go with litter of your choice on the dirt floor. Deep litter would be an option here. For security concentrate on expanding the apron out 24" at least, out of hardware cloth, as cavemanrich suggested.

If you plan on netting the run against aerial predators, a good quality netting that's properly attached* should not have issues with a hawk breaking through. The netting I use is the 2" heavy knotted with 85/245 lb break/burst weight: *(The weak point with netting is usually the attachments to the fence, so as long as the netting is securely attached to the fenceline it should hold up just fine.)

Due to the mix of birds in the coop space, you may need to consider reducing the size of the flock if the drake or rooster end up causing issues.
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