Help me sex my chicks?


8 Years
Apr 23, 2011
So we have 5 five week olds and though I have some suspicions I could use some help, this being the first time we've raised unsexed chicks.
here are some pi

chick one. Silver laced Wyandotte, pretty pink on top, thinking cockerel?


Now here's why I start to get confused cuz this is our Sexlink and she's the reddest on top

Here's where I cross my fingers and think I'm deluding myself, this is our Cochin, chick 2, the only Cochin we have so nothing to compare to but thats a pretty big and pink right? say it's a girl please

heres a different view

Chick 3, Ameraucana, thinking girl?

Chick 4, another Ameraucana, much bigger than 3, in fact biggest of all chicks, but no sign of red on top..... big girl?

thanks in advance for any help

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