Help me Sex my Coturnix!


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May 4, 2011
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Hey All, just got some 1 month old Quail, and I need help sexing them, I think i Have 3 hens and 1 roo, but help me confirm!


Roo Right?


Hen Right?




Hen Right?
From what I can tell by these roo

The males have a reddish brown breast, like in picture 3, while the females just have the patterning and blends in pretty much with rest of their feathers, at least on mine

I usually don't even bother to check mine until 6 weeks.
#1 is a Rosetta, you can't sex those by their markings. #2 looks like a hen. #3 looks like a male. #4 is a hen.

They are not 1 month old despite what you were told. They have entirely too much fuzz on their heads to be that old. I would say they are 2-3 weeks old tops.
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this is 100 percent on the money, number one will have to be vent sexed or wait till about 7 weeks when it starts calling.
and the other ones are exactly as shelly said i like the rosettas i have a three week old one my self.

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