Help me sex my silkie


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May 31, 2019
Moore County, NC
I will say that your bird does look similar to my Bella. My Zane had a "mullet" look to him around this age and both of my boys (one blue cockerel and one white cockerel) had nice combs. Zane's comb wasn't huge, but it was a little more meaty than Bella's (both Bella and Zane are my white silkies). Do you feel a more rough texture to the hackle feathers? My roosters hackles are rough and my hens hackles are soft. At this age, that's certainly not a determining factor but I just thought I'd share my experience


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May 27, 2020
Medford, Oregon
Thanks for your rrap
Can you get a frontal picture? There are some that can likely tell by the pictures you've already posted, but I like to see them straight on. Sure is adorable either way <3
Ok. I went out to get pictures today. The chicken in question is 16 weeks today. (Original pictures taken a few weeks ago.) This was the best I could get b/c my youngest chickens kept running away from the older chicken who follow me around the yard. 😂 one is trying to get into my lap as I type this. F47A8447-C5AA-4BF7-95C5-AD2ABD84CCE7.jpeg 196B0AD4-45AB-4EE8-BED4-974239B16EB0.jpeg 4660C185-9462-475B-BF33-FA966631A303.jpeg

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