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Sorry for all the feed questions...just want to make sure I know what I am doing before the little peeps get here next week!

I am looking to raise as close to organic(can't be totally organic because I can't afford the feed
), free ranging chickens as possible(for my area). I am getting 25 Delawares next week. The extra roos will be eaten(we got straight run). They were NOT vaxed for cocci.

Here is what I am thinking:
Purina Start and Grow medicated(I can't find nonmedicated around here and its too late to have it ordered and in in time for the peeps that will be here next week) and then switch to flockraiser(unmedicated--this will probably have to be ordered) around 8weeks and then adding in oyster shells when the gals start laying. I am thinking that the extra roos will have to be at least 12 weeks or older before being processed since they are a dual purpose breed(right?) so they will have been on the flockraiser for at least 4 weeks prior to processing. We also hope to hatch out a few babies if possible so they could start right with the flockraiser(if some of our hens are cooperative we would just leave them with the hen and they would have a chance to build natural immunity to the cocci thus not needing the medicated chick feed).

Any problems with this?? What am I missing?

Thanks in advance! I can't wait to get started
The main thing you need to watch is protein levels, medicated is optional. Chicks need a higher protein that adults. I recommend chicks to have at least 18% protein, but as they grow, you work it down to 12% to 14% or so, depending on the breed. This is just my opinion, and everyone will have their own thoughts on this too. If you want to figure out your own feed mixture, check out my feed calculator on my site HERE . Good luck!
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