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Help Miamisburg OHIO

Discussion in 'Local Chicken Laws & Ordinances' started by macnugget, Jun 16, 2011.

  1. macnugget

    macnugget Songster

    Hi everyone I hope this you guys are had a great spring. I just had a meeting with the city of Miamisburg about our chickens and if we are going to be able to keep them or not. long story short chickens are not legal in the city limits. They however are thinking about makeing them legal because of all the calls and emails they have gotten. So I just applied for a special permit until this can go before city council July 11,2011. I need your help!!!! What can you do? First off Email City Council let them know why you like having backyard chickens maybe the benefits that they provide your you and or your family and send in a picture of your chickens with you or your family. Second if its not to much trouble for you come join me the night of the city council meeting. We need to show voting force even if you don't live in Miamisburg it shows this is a trend not just one guy wanting chickens. We know the green movement is here and with green you have chickens they go hand in hand. Here is email address [email protected] Please don't wait to send in your email.

    Nick Rizzo

  2. macnugget

    macnugget Songster

    July 11 is our city council date to debate chickens if you can come please do but if not send a picture of you and your chicken to city council [email protected] let them know chickens are not a fad and they belong in the city as pets

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