Help! Mom pecking baby!

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  1. The baby is 15 days old.
    This is the moms first time raising a baby.
    The mom pecked it atleast 5 times in 6 minutes.
    I am new to chickens.
    Please help!

    11 days old.[​IMG]

    1 day old![​IMG]
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    How badly is she pecking the baby? They will peck the babies to correct them, and when they get old enough, they will peck the babies to wean them.
  3. Hard but no blood yet. The babys 15 days old.
  4. donrae

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    Sometimes I want to peck my kids [​IMG]

    If she's not drawing blood or actively chasing it around I'd just leave it be. I had a hen who got confused on which chick was hers and would peck her own baby. The chick would cry sometimes, but mostly just hunker down and take it then try to scramble under momma when she wasn't looking. The hen would peck it just to chase it off, cause she didn't like the other hen's babies, not drawing blood or anything.

    It' not like the hen can put the chick in time out or anything. Their discipline is pretty limited.

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