HELP! My 2 1/2 mo. little turkey tires very quickly, struggles to breathe, and sneezes all the time.


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Jul 18, 2016
Hi, My slate blue turkey will be 3 months old in August. She is 1/4 of the size of the other 4. From the beginning she peeped incessantly, couldn't keep up with the others, and was kept from food by the rest of the flock so I keep her separate, but can see her family. She eats, drinks, and poos fine. Her eyes always look like she is exhausted. She sleeps standing up. I am doing everything I can to give her quality of life by giving her tons of attention and love and supervised visits with her 4 sisters and brother. They are perfectly healthy and strong. I've done 10 days of Tylan 50, and there was no improvement. I've done 2 days of the Vet RX so far and very little improvement. Please help? If it is Aspergillosis, what is her life expectancy? I love little Gretyl so much, I'm so sad that she's never known what it's like to have fun.
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