help! my 3 month old pullet has a very hurt leg!


7 Years
Mar 31, 2012
North Western Wisconsin
i noticed that she started limping on it a few days ago but then went on vacation for two days when i got back it seems to have gotten worse now she wont even put any weight on it she just hops around on one foot.--- i only have one other chicken right now that is her age and loves her to death, i have been free ranging them for a week or so during the day... i looked on it and couldnt find any external wound and she keeps it curled up all the time...
i raelly dont know what to do please any advice would help!!


7 Years
Feb 1, 2012
one of my girls fell off her perch one night (I secretly think it was me that surprised her) and she was really sore on her leg after that - I kept her locked in by herself for a week or so and it healed. One of my other girls had her toe trodden on by my horse recently and I kept her in a cat cage for a few days until she was really fed up, then in the (chicken) house until she was more comfortable.
So, my advice (and I am certain others will know more) is to rest her - but for days longer than you will want to!
BTW both my girls are perfectly fine now!

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