HELP My 9 wk old Roo is still sick. Giving vitamins, corid and antibiotic...Now What?

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Ike is still displaying all the symptoms of putting his head down between his feet...rolling and shaking his head...pushing and falling over backwards.
I have him bound in a towel to keep him upright and stable. He eats with enthusiasm, and was drinking good but that has slowed down some, so I mix his starter feed with water to get more in him.
He does have an open/sore looking area vear his vent and along the side of his back end. I've been treating that with hydrogen peroxide and neosporin.
I still don't know what this is or what else to do for him. Open to all suggestions....Please...This has been going on since Monday!


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Whoa, why are you giving antibiotic AND Corid? Why do you think he has cocci? I see no symptoms of cocci listed here. And no respiratory symptoms, either.

Stop the peroxide! That kills living tissue. If he has a wound (how did he get that?), use regular antibiotic ointment on it with no "caine" pain killers like benzocaine in it as those can be fatal to birds.

I don't know what the symptoms are but you should stop the meds now, IMO. Nothing you described indicates need for those.

If you had posted on another thread about this, you should have added this to that thread because I feel like I've come into the middle of the story.
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