Help my baby chick has a deformed maybe broken leg

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    Wondering if anyone has any advice as to what to do (other than cull) for her. Wobbles has been like this since we got her 4 days ago....I read that sometimes some take longer to walk or whatever, but it's been 4 days and she is still scooting around. This is my first attempt at chicks, so still learning here. She eats and drinks fine, but not sure what to do about her leg. Since it is a holiday I can't take her to the vet for a few days, and honestly not sure if it is worth it or not. Can anyone tell what is wrong with this precious chick? I have now separated her and am seeing if that will help, but would have no idea how to splint or anything. Any advice would help!! Thanks! Oh an I have been cleaning the goo off her from scooting around....just hadn't right before the pic.
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    I have read about using a Bandaid to tape the legs parallel. The problem is called splay leg,do a search on that for detailed instruction.
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    I've never been able to get the band aid thing to work. Others have managed to fix the problem, but the only thing that has ever worked for me was to set them in a cup. It was to be one that they can't just pop out of. The movement I guess of trying to stand up makes the leg straighten from all of the upward pushing. I usually keep them in for maybe an hour at a time and I do it several times a day. Usually works after about 4 or 5 times, but I've kept at it for 2 days with one chick and it finally straightened up.
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    Quote:This is a pic of a chick with a Splay Leg bandaid split


    He was up and running the next day. Yes I say "he" now my top showgirl rooster.

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    It is her left leg the one that is bent, not the right one that is out straight....not sure if that makes a difference. I can also see a sore on her "knee area" and her feet are not straight (they are kinda curled), I tried to use the bandaid, and she can't even stand up even for a second even in a cup.....
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    So sorry about your chick. I have one like that, that is now 23 weeks. I tried the bandaid but could not get it to work. Her leg is totally useless. When she hatched with the gimpy leg I thought taking her to the vet was going to cost too much. Especially if it turned out to be a roo and I wouldn't have been able to keep it anyway. Now I wish I had. She is eating and hopping around. Non of the other chickens pick on her but her bad leg keeps getting caught and bloodied. I was just going to post to get advice about her when I saw your post. Now my husband wan't me to take her to the vet and see if amputating her leg may not be better for her. Talk about expensive.
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    yeah my husband wants to cull her, but I really don't want to have to do that, but she chirps alot and I'm sure she is in pain....I'm already attached to her and she is only 5 days old. [​IMG]
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    Nice job silkie sue. I have done the same several times. It needs to be done asap for best results.

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