I don't know what to do!! Post this under Emergencies / Diseases / Injuries and Cures. You'll get a better response there. Good Luck!
Feel its craw. If it's over full, try putting a little water in its mouth. Rub its craw. Repeat till it dissolves and it swallows. I had that happen last week. That may be the wrong thing to do, but it worked for me. Good luck. franco
I always have a bulb aspirator around incase I need it. Last week I had a crested cayuga that was doing the same thing, took the aspirator and gently sucked out it's mouth. Doing great now!
If so get it out or down. rub the throught up ward to push the food up, not to hard, use something to grab some out, q-tip.

If still a lot rub downward to get it to go into her crop, wet it with water to moisten the food.

Last min, breath into her mouth it will help push it down a bit.

You can also put a drop or 2 of olive oil in her mouth down the throught.

Good luck.

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