Help My Baby Polish. Asap!!!

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  1. kingmilo0508

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    Jul 23, 2010
    Im new to this chiken thing my nana has 30 chickebsm and the cute little baby polish crested has just dropped to the ground, and is breathing weird peeps, will drink ocassionaly almsot seems foot paralized his feet are unresponsive. but he moves his wings, NOT ALOT imight add almost like hes in pain he lives with about 10 other babbies, in a rabit hutch, id like jasmine to make it, this has happend to about 2 others this week, i need your help even over phone would be better so we know what to do,. it would be better. PLease help ASAP. a few hours before she appeard fine, thats what has happend to all then they just drop is it to hot is it to cold we live in DOver newhampshire, bbarington, i really want her to make it. shes kind of cold i suppose?? i dont really knkow. shes in the garage with the rest of the babbies we dont know what WRONG.

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    Dec 24, 2008
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    I would get some antibiotics and put in the water. If I understand correctly this has happened before?

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