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May 4, 2015
I have a baby silkie chick who had a bump on his beak right above (& inbetween) his nostrils when I bought him from a breeder. I noticed it when I purchased the chic but being new to this breed (silkie) I thought it might be normal. Now the chick's almost 3 weeks old and the "hernia" is bigger so i think it's growing in size or maybe just swollen bc maybe his brooder mates are pecking at it ?but I check on them often n haven't seen them pecking at it. theres a tiny amount of dried blood around it and the growth is not soft it's more on the solid side. I don't know what to do and already spent too much money at the vet last week blowing every penny I had on my care credit card!! ($960.00) Ugh!!
please !!!??? I despirately need feedback on what I can do to help this poor baby!!! He's eating n drinking n not in pain unless I touch it when I check on it to see how swollen it is. I'm worried it's only going to get worse bc it's increased in size!! The other baby chicks who share the same brooder seem fine and very healthy!! Is this contagious? Is it fowl pox?? I'm lost and upset!!! I've been dying for silkie chickens now that I got a pair, I'm scared to death to lose this little guy!! PLEASE??!! ANY ADVICE!? I've searched the web for 2days now looking for info but no luck!!!!!
Hi :welcome

If you could post a pic of your chicks problem that would be a great help for other members to best help you and your chick. It does sound like the other could be pecking at this growth so I personally would seperate this chick. Once they see blood this can exasperate the problem. Blood really does turn things into an attraction where they just can't stop themselves from pecking more and more.

While they are pecking at the growth there really isn't much chance of it healing. Hope you are able to post a pic.
Wow that was fast!! Lol I'm headed to post one now!! I'm reading ab fowl pox I pray this isn't fatal to this baby!!
It doesn't look like fowl pox. I would maybe suggest some kind of infection maybe in the nostrils. You don't think there is anything stuck up there do you?
I am not sure what else to suggest but I'm sure there will be more members along soon with advice for you.
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Gee I'm sorry but, I can't even guess what it might be. I wonder if you posted on the "Silkie thread," if anyone there would know.

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