Help my bantams tongue is black

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    Oct 31, 2015
    Help my white pekin bantam hen has a black tongue and she keep sticking it out and she's a bit fluffed up and it looks like she's limping. We brought her at point of lay from a show breeder so she's from a quality line of pekin bantams she costed us £30 to buy.

    We've been keeping her with:
    millfleur pekin bantam cock
    lavender pekin bantam hen
    millfleur hen
    (on nest)
    Wheaten hen (on nest should have chicks anytime now)
    Cream legbar hen (one of her eyes are completely fine and the others completely blind)
    Bovan Gold line hen (recently was a bit fluffed up toke her inside for a bit but now she's fine .didn't have black tongue as fare as I know)

    Also been in contact with:
    Silkie cockerels
    Gold line hens
    White stars
    Wild pheasants
    Golden pheasants
    Foreign Finches
    Diamond doves
    Chinese quails
    Japanese quails
    Garden fantails
    Dutch bantams
    Partridge pekin bantam cockerel
    Wild animals
    Rats (there's poison out but far away from the chickens and my black tongued white hen has only escaped once this week but she was not in the same fenced off area as the poison)
    Neighbours cats
    Nice Humans
    Bad humans (someone put our partridge cockerel underneath a flat rabbit hutch that nearly squashed him to death and took some fertile hatching eggs away

    Basically she's in a free range pen with no netting over the top so she's came in contact with a lot of living things

    so does anyone know whats wrong with her

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