help! my broodies are making me crazy!

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    May 16, 2010
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    So I have 3 bantam hens - 2 of which take turns being broody. About a month ago, I found a hidden clutch of 8 eggs which we removed and blocked entrance to, but that hen Princess has remained broody and unless we lift her out of the nest box and make her go out, she sits there in a trance. Initially I did the ice bath thing with her multiple times each day for about 5 days, but it didn't help, so I figured I'd just let her go with it. but now it is 4 weeks and she seems to be more into it than ever. When we lock her out of the coop for a while, she paces, clucks, and is totally frantic - she hardly eats, drinks or poops now.

    So this morning, my other girl Amelia started to do the trance in the nest box thing. But I am concerned because she just came out of being broody 4 weeks ago and has only been laying eggs now for about 2 weeks. I gave her an ice bath and think I will do the cage too and see if I treat her aggressively, we can break her right away.

    What to do about the other little one who is so persistent. Hatching eggs or putting in some newly hatched chicks under her are not an option.
    My poor little hen is getting skinnier and skinnier. I'm about at my whit's end. [​IMG]
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    I had some persistent ones that never responded to the wire-bottom cage treatment. Now, I just let them sit and collect the eggs out from under them daily. I carry mine out into the run twice a day, usually in the morning when I do some chores, and then again later in the afternoon. They usually have a bite to eat and dust bathe, and then run back inside. Most of mine eventually gave up, although new ones seem to take their place. I was keeping count, at first, and we had one that sat for 60 days!
    I'm down to 3 broodies now, and I'm hoping the fall weather will put an end to it.
    Good luck!
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    Apr 29, 2011
    I hear ya, I have a slew of determined broodies that just won't quit. The latest broody is a black cochin that JUST STARTED LAYING TWO WEEKS AGO! Seriously, that's some hard-core broody genes.
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    Apr 23, 2010
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    My first Broody had layed 3 eggs and then she sat in the nest for a week before I gave her some eggs!!! she hatched them and everything went fine but a broody Ihad that has set for 2 months lost an entire 15count clutch of eggs and now she won't get off the nest (empty) I'll buy her some more eggs and then she gets put in the basement!!![​IMG]

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