HELP!! My cat caught a baby bird!! (Still alive)

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    Ok, my brother went outside, and screamed that there was a chick on the ground a cat had caugt. I go out there, and there's a baby bird lying on the ground! It's mostly bald, but with pinfeathers on it's wings, and in a stripe down its back. It's eyes are still closed. I've been breathing on it, trying to keep it warm. I have it in an old bird's nest we had lying around the house, with some toilet paper in the bottom. It does peep some when I move it around. I know it most likley wont make it, but is there anything I can do??
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    Just like chicken chicks all baby birds have to be kept warm, especially a singleton chick. Get a heat lamp on it quickly. I am an experienced wild bird rehaber. The most helpful thing I learned over the years is to use some vitamin/eletrolyte powder and soak some cat or dog food in a few tablespoons of water with a about 1/16th teaspoon of the powder mixed in. It staves off dehydration and shock. The dog or cat food is a complete food with a good ratio of protein-carbs-fats.
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    So, can I use the same kind of electrolytes you use for cattle? I have the Bounce-back brand; will that work? Also, how do I give the cat food mixture to it? Medicine dropper?
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    A lot of times when a cat catches an animal there is internal bleeding--so do be prepared if it dies.

    If you want advice on how to care for it I would call the wild animal rehab/humane society in the closest big city. They may even take it off of your hands if you're willing to drive that far. If there isn't anywhere close call the Wisconsin Humane Society--they have an area for rehab of wild animals. Look them up at
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    Very often birds caught by cats develop severe infections if the skin has been puctured at all by the cat's teeth. Frequently you can't find the puctures because of the feathering or the skin closing over it. Whether you can see them or not, you must assume they are there. It would be really a good idea if you can get the chick on antibiotics of some sort. Baytril would be good.

    Sadly, a lot of times the actual wildlife shelter won't give out info to un-permitted rehabbers because it is illegal for them to do so. All migratory and song birds are federally protected, and, technically, you need to be federally permitted in order to retain one.

    If you can find a local rehabber by calling a shelter and asking or checking on your state's Parks and Wildlife web site, you may stand a better chance of getting care advice that way. Lots of independent rehabbers out there that are not associated with an organized shelter.

    Good luck with your chick.
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