HELP! My chantecler's head was crooked???


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Aug 21, 2013
Yesterday, everything was normal and this morning too, but this afternoon I noticed that my chantecler hen's head was crooked. She drinks, eats, acts normaly but for a few hours now her nead is on her right side. I cannot say that she is loosing her balance but it seems to bother her a little bit.
Nothing seems broken, no injuries, no disease, no outgrowth... I don't know what the problem is. I held her and examined her but I cannot find anything. I have no idea what happened.
BUT, when I went to give them bread in the morning I noticed a branch had fallen from a small tree. It was a small branch but if a hen received it on the head she would have felt it.
Is there a disease that happens in like 3 hours? She acts normaly but should I isolate her from the others? Is it because of the branch?

Here is a picture I found on Google that looks like my hen, but on my hen it is less intense.

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That is called wry neck or crook neck. It can be caused by an injury, a vitamin deficiency, or from a disease such as Mareks Disease. Sometimes it goes away with vitamin treatment and isolation, and sometimes it is difficult to treat. There are many threads to read by searching at the top of the page, but here is a link to a good site:

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