Help, my chick seems sick.

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    So she's been having one eye shut and the other open, I checked her eye that she closes and i noticed a very small white dot in her eye, not around the eye or on the lid, it's in the eye. It looks like a pimple on the eyeball.
    I went to the feed store and they recommended I give her a cream on her eye that is an antibiotic called Terramycin. I put it one her eye 2 times today, but don't see a difference. So I decided to bring her in the house for the night. She's eating and drinking, but not as much as she used to. She just stands with her tail down and her eye shut all day not wanting to be active. Her poo is usually that browinsh color but since yesterday it is just a watery white foamy poo, she never poos like that. I'll upload a picture of her poo. Idk what to do, should I take her to the vet? What does it seem that she has?[​IMG]

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    Terramycin is very good for eye infections and injuries. She may have been pecked in her eye or have developed an infection. Does she eat a balanced chicken feed, since vitamin deficiencies can sometimes be a cause of blindness. Pictures of the spot in her eye are welcome. If vet care is possible, I would have her checked out if the problem does not get better.
  4. Sorry your girl isn't well. [​IMG]

    It may not be relevant but I have heard talk of eye worms before.


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