Help! My chicken cut his tongue!

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    Mar 11, 2015
    Hi. i'm new here. Two days ago i found out that he cut his tongue. Like 25% of his tongue (at right side cut move towards the mid). Sent to VET, the doctor said he can heal on his own as there are no blood or swollen color at all.
    I'm not sure about this. Because the doctor never experienced chicken with cut tongue.

    He looks ok but his mouth is open due to the pain.

    Any suggestions/advice please? He is 2 years old. Thank you so much
  2. I'm not a very experienced chicken owner either, but I think I read somewhere (I do a lot of reading) about someone whose chicken's tongue fell off. Apparently chickens can survive just fine without their whole tongues, so I think your chicken will be fine. Did the vet say you should put anything on it?

    And also, I would add water to his feed to make it easier to swallow and stuff like that.

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