Help! My chicken has yellow diarrhea!


6 Years
Feb 21, 2013
Central Oregon
I have a barred rock chicken that is about 2 years old. This morning when I opened the coop up she didn't go outside with the other chickens when I threw out some scratch. This is very unusual because all of the chickens swarm outside everyone morning after the scratch. I watched her for a minute and she was just perching on her roost and closing her eyes like she was going to sleep. When I got home from work I checked on her again and she was on her roost and produced some yellow diarrhea. It almost looked like watered down egg yolk color. I am pretty sure I saw her produce diarrhea yesterday too. All of my other chickens are doing great.
Does anyone have any ideas of what could be going on with her or any websites that may be helpful?

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