Help!! My chicken was taken by Boston Animal Control and I can't get her back!


5 Years
Aug 25, 2014
A white Americana named Marshmallow escaped my yard and flew down to Dunkin Donuts in Roslindale, MA. A Good Samaritan picked her up and took her to Animal Control. I went to retrieve her but was told I can't have her since I don't have a permit. I had to release her for adoption. If anyone could "adopt" her and return her to me I'd be so grateful. She was picked up by on March 7th. They said she would go to whatever shelter might take her before being adopted.

Thank you,

This foolish bit of tripe being dished out by the animal control militia needs to be taken to a public news arena. Of course, there is the other side of the coin, that a permit is required in an urban area. That's an argument for an other day. I am so very thankful that I live in a rural area where permits are for the most part not required for much of anything.
Are Chickens Banned in your town ?
Do you have more at home ?
I would go see about getting a permit to at least save the other ones you have at home. Fast !
MSPCA might call the town about it and then they will come and fine/take the others :( :(
I am too far and don't have a seperate spot.

FYI, in order to take the hen, MSPCA will most likely do a home inspection.
I would definitely going to city hall and get a permit. I agree if you they know you lost one chicken they will probably come back and check your house to see if you have more chickens. Good luck sorry you have to go through all this:hmm

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