Help!! My Chickens Are Eating Their Eggs!!!!!!! :(

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    Ive had a red sex link and black sex link for about 2-3 months now, they are egg laying machines, great chickens, and two days ago all of a sudden they both started eating the red sex link's eggs! They dont touch the black sex links egg.. I don't know what happened, why they started doing this.. But I just want to know how to make it stop!!!

    I feed them tons of table scraps every morning and evening, as well as a feeder filled with chicken feed day long. They have quite the buffet all day long.. So I dont know why they would choose to go crazy over my red sex links egg! I tried to take it away as soon as I noticed it was laid and then cracked open from them, and I think that just made them more crazy for the egg :S They were literally going NUTS over it

    lpleasee help me make them stop!! [​IMG]
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    I have egg eaters too, it is not easy to stop it. They say if you can get in there numerous times throughout the day to remove the eggs but I work so can't do this. I found that mine were eating the eggs from the bottom nests, so I closed those off, and this drastically reduced it! But I still have times where they will get to the ones in the top nests as well, and I've heard the only way to stop it completely is to cull or rehome the ones who are eating them! Sorry, wish I had better news for you.
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    Ive read loads of different answers to this on here ..

    The ones I suggest are either add some golf balls/fake eggs to the nest or blow out some eggs and fill them with nasty stuff like mustard for eg, This is supposed to stop the problem, I have only ever had 1 egg eaten back when I had my hybrids, I stopped it by collecting the egg as soon as I heard them clucking ..(still warm egg)
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