Help!!! My cockerel was attacked by my rooster!!!

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  1. My cockerel was attacked by my rooster and now he can't keep his balance. He was upside down but alive in the bachelor run that they were in. I really don't want to cull him, he is such a sweetie.

    P. S. When he walks, he keeps crossing one foot in front of the other.

    Thanks for the help in advance.
  2. Mon*Fish

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    Mar 9, 2011
    I had the same thing happen to me a few days ago. [​IMG] But it passed away before I knew what was going on.. I know have my BIG 3 roos in the the hens and my cockerals in a separate for awhile. I got them all at mixed ages but all have been together no problems. I was a little devustated. Lesson's learned. I would not let a chicken suffer, but you have to be the one to make the decision. I also now have a twisted beak cockeral that odvisously was getting attcked by the BIG 3. Makes me mad. But I wont do that again.
    I hope I have helped a little. [​IMG]
  3. Clay Valley Farmer

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    Sep 7, 2010
    Keep him separate and safe, treat what you can see as wrong, good food and water and give him a chance to recover. Otherwise there is the vet option?

    Likely the your roo and cockerel will not ever live together in harmony.
  4. sourland

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    Sounds as if the cockerel suffered a blow to the head which may or may not resolve. Keep him isolated from the others, and hopefully he will heal. Chickens are very resilient. Understand that it will most likely be impossible to reintroduce him to the rooster pen.
  5. I have made the decision to get rid of all the boys except the youngest. I can't keep buying all this feed and chasing all these boys!!!

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