Help!! My DH is making me clean out my closet!


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14 Years
Aug 29, 2008
Hogansville, Georgia
My Dh is pulling everything out of my closet (well actually its a shared closet but its mostly my stuff) Now I have to look at clothes I havent worn in years ( gotten to fluffy lol) UHGGGG! This is gonna take forever and away from my BYC time!
hahaha that is comeing for me tomorow, LOL
My hubby went into the closet to find a boot, lol and found a whole lot of other crap. LOL
BYC still will be here when you are done with your closet!

Now its a good time to do some garage sale and toss out the clothes you have not worn in a year.
It's easy! Just follow my (coughcoughmanyotherpeoplesrules2cough) rule:

PK Rule: Say: Will I wear this? If no, chuck it. If yes, keep it.
I started doing that a couple years ago. If I hadnt worn it in the last year or if it was covered in paint, all that stuff then it goes. I have some friends that have tons of clothes but havent worn them in a few years since they gained weight and they want to be able to wear them again. I told them that the clothes are out of style and when they do loose the weight they would feel better if they had new clothes to wear anyway.

I am bad with magazines though, I have a HUGE stack of National Geographics, its about knee high and probably 3' square, there is like 20 years of nat geos but I cant get myself to throw them away.

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