Help!!! My ducks drank some pinesol what do I do?😭

Jan 19, 2021
I was moping my room and I walked away to use the restroom with the mop bucket in my room still and I came back to them drinking from the mop bucket😭 It’s watered down but what do I do? They’re inside because they are still babies (1 month and a half, it’s also cold outside) . I know it was so stupid of me to leave them in their with that but I love these girls so much. Do I just wait it out? Please don’t be mean, I know I messed up😭 I’m so scared for them


May 22, 2020
Don't induce vomiting, the vomit could go into their trachea and they could choke. I would offer them lots of clean water. How are they acting? I would assume that they only drank a little before they realized that it didn't taste good and stopped.

And I'm sorry @Sablehaven, feel like I keep contradicting you :hmm. I'm not trying to, I swear.
It is alright, like I said, that was the only thing I could find on pinesol, and it was for dogs.

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