Help! My friend has a over weight turkey and she can't walk!

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    Mar 18, 2009
    She just texted me and said help me, my turkey is too fat and now she can't walk. her legs are straight behind her back. There is no vet in her area that will help a turkey.... HELP she loves this turkey its her pet.
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    If it is a butchering breed of turkey then most likely their is not much she could do as they were bred to put on weight fast and be killed young. It would have to go on a crash diet...possibly make a chicken chair that lifts her off her remove the pressure, but then you'd have to worry about pressure sores on the skin. Making her a thick bed of hay to lay in might help..... But I don't know for how long. She can also float her in a tub during the warm of the day to take pressure off her some....
    But honestly it doesn't look hopeful for her.

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