help! my girls are on strike!


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6 Years
May 10, 2013
So I have 8 laying hens and 4 pullets who haven't started yet. The 8 big girls are all 18 months old. The littles have been in the coop/run with them for a couple of months. I used to get an average of 6 or so eggs a day from the 8 girls. This summer, production dropped off during the heat, but now it's cooler and it still is incredibly low. Would they still be stressed after 2-3 months of the littles moving in? I'm getting 1-2 eggs a day right now. I have supplemental lighting going to add up to about 15 hrs of light for them daily. They have clean, cool water, plenty of food, daily field trips into the yard. No big scares. A couple are molting, but only two, so really, we should still get 4 or so eggs . . . other thoughts?
thanks so much!


11 Years
Apr 26, 2011
shorter days means less eggs.Just that time of year.I have 9 hens.Several are molting.I 'm getting 2 or 3 eggs A day.

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