HELP my lady...please! doesn't move & feet swollen, bloody,lots PIC...

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    This is an UPDATE on Princess.
    I posted 2 weeks ago thinking that she was eggbound.
    She just sat in the yard, poor & pitful & won't get up for anything, not walking more than a few steps a day.
    We pick her up each evening and make sure that she gets in the house.
    We did eveything possible for her. Brought her in, gave high protein, etc.. when we moved hr to the tractor to watch for eggs she is (was) laying so things were fine on that end, but she still didn't move!

    She looked fine all over, but hubby thought maybe she was grazed by a car.
    We then thought maybe it was her crop, lots of baths, massage, etc.., & that seems fine.

    HOWEVER, now her feet are swelling. They look very over sized and bruised. (Maybe from inactivity & sitting on the ground)

    Then last week she formed these scabs

    You can see the darkened blood from where we are trying to treat it.
    Hydrogen Proxide, warm baths, neosporin daily.

    I thought maybe scaley mites, but the scales are really not lifted, they are just bruised and open sore looking.

    Do you have any thoughts of what could be wrong? & how to treat it?

    She has been inactive for 3 weeks now and with treatment she seems to be a little better, but still no walking or laying.

    What can I do?????

  2. She may have a generalized infection at this point.

    When she was eggbound was she given shallow belly baths and checked for infectious peritonitis. What other treatments were given then?

    Use extreme hygiene with this bird, separate her and visually check the others.

    This is one of those situations where antibiotics are likely to be appropriate.
    Do you have access to them?
    If you have a vet who will see chickens, this is a case that should be checked.

    Palliative care- wear latex gloves- no more perocixe, it damages tissue after initial cleansing. Iodine based treatment like tincture of iodine more appropriate.

    Use neosporin (without benzocaine) to soothe legs and feet. Keep her on clean rags or cloth because shavings may stick. No going outside and you should be suspicious that she may have infected the coop, run or yard.

    Check these discussion threads to see if you agree it could be infectious peritonitis-and now possibly a generalized infection. Do not ignore the possibity of bumblefoot, either
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