Help! My older Buff O. has a black spot on her crest and she had small hard white balls crusted aro

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    I washed her off on the but area and put Neosporin all around because she was so red and sore! I also put neo on her spot on her crest! I separated her and I have been giving her Apple Cider Vinegar water and a little egg yoke plus some oats and cooked rice. she is eating and pooping again but is very quiet and will not leave her box that I fixed for her. She doesn't want the Rooster to mess with her. Do you know what I should do? No others in the flock are like this...Thank You Jesus!
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    [​IMG] Welcome!

    Can you post some photos of her comb and her bum?

    Without seeing it the crust around her vent could be Vent Gleet which is a bacterial/yeast infection. If this is what it is, then washing the affected area will be helpful. You can apply some anti-fungal cream to the vent to help.

    Adding the ACV to her water can be helpful, also give her some probiotics/plain yogurt.

    Keeping her separate or placing her in a wire dog kennel inside the run can help her feel more comfy and keep the others from bothering her. Make sure she is drinking well, you don't want her to become dehydrated.

    For the comb, again, without seeing it, she may have been pecked. So applying Neosporin like you did is fine.

    Let us know how she is doing.

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