Help! My puppy bite one of my girls!

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    Dec 7, 2016
    [​IMG][​IMG]Sunday after noon our puppy was attempting to play with my chicken and got a little to rough.  He ripped out her feather and bite her.  I did not notice as she got up and was acting normal.  I notice about 30 minutes later the feathers were messed up.  I did not clean the wound right away (might be bad) but I did make sure she wasn't dusting or anything to get it dirty.  I went and bough wound kote and sprayed that in her wound but did not clean with anything prior to as it said it was disinfecting. I have been apply wound kote at night and triple antibiotic ointment (equate Walmart's brand) in the morning.  She seems to be fine, she is by herself in a tub with just paper towel and food and water.  She has been eating and drinking and also laid yesterday.  I'm not sure if I should  leave the wound alone for a few days and let it scab over.  Please check out my pictures and tell me what you think.

    Thank you for your help!!!
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    Hi and welcome to BYC. Unfortunately no pics. Sometimes it takes a few posts before the moderators all pics to be posted.
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    Welcome To BYC.

    Blue-Kote and triple antibiotic ointment are usually effective in treating wounds.

    Let it scab over some and watch for an oozing, odors or pus, these can be an indication of infection and she would require further treatment.

    Keep her hydrated, hopefully she will make a full recovery.

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