Help, my Rooster hates me.

Discussion in 'Chicken Behaviors and Egglaying' started by hazelhen, Jan 25, 2016.

  1. hazelhen

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    We have one hen (a white cochin), when trying to replace her companion which we had to euthanized after complications from becoming egg bound on her first egg, we ended up with a rooster. We hand raised "Iris" from an chick and he was sweet until he started to crow. The rooster LOVES my husband! He dances and prances around him and will play chase him around the yard. However every time I am seen by him he goes strait into attack mode. I don't know what changed I have not given him any reason to behave this way. My husband would be devastated if we have to shoot Iris or got rid of him; I try not to be afraid of him but can't help it. How do i deal with Iris.

    (Sadly we can't keep he chickens together either, he tries to mate with her but she lived 6 year without a rooster. As long as one of them is behind an enclosure, then they will will hover around each other, the moment there is no wire barrier she runs and he cases then we have to rescue her, only my husband intervenes.)

    We know that getting rid of Iris the rooster is the best thing to do but it really will be our last resort. Any advice on what I can do to deal with Iris. He's a black Australorp (descriptions of his temperament claim this breed would be easy to handle, but I'm not seeing it)

    update...thanks for the advice so far, taken as it was intended, but with one caveat: We don't treat our chickens as just chickens, they are beloved pets! (the cochin even spends time in a macaw sized parrot cage inside our kitchen) To kill one is like have to strangle a member of the family or to "re-home" one is akin to abandoning a child.
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    First the fact he dances for your husband is that he thinks your husband is not dominate and that he is treating him as a hen. Thats not really a good thing and the fact he agressive towards you makes him a dangerous rooster. You could try to correct the behavior by making him know yall are in charge. Chasing him carrying him upside down, pinning him down there are alot of methods. Fear to them equals respect he has no fear of yall so he is willing to attack you.

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    Sep 25, 2015
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    Yeah, I'd pick up old Iris up by his legs and carry him around upside down for about 10 minutes. Show that chicken who's in charge. I'll bet his attitude changes.
    If not, I'd tie his legs and hang him on a hook somewhere for an hour.
    I'm not going to be attacked by a chicken and put up with it.
  4. oldhenlikesdogs

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    If you are unwilling to get rid of him then make him a nice pen and keep him separately. Handling roosters as chicks is the fastest way to be attacked when they reach sexual maturity and the hormones are raging. You are seen as one of his hens to be dominated and put in your place, more than likely your husband is considered another rooster, as roosters often form coalitions and work together to manage the hens. Most likely any attempts for you to handle the rooster will not work out in the long run.
  5. donrae

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    sorry to be blunt, but that rooster is currently the boss of both of you. He's calling all the shots. Your husband may have to be devastated. I would not have much respect for a man who chose an animal that attacked his wife over his wife's safety and security.

    There are numerous threads here about ways to deal with roosters that attack. You can search them and see if you're comfortable trying any of those methods, but they take time and consistency and usually experience with animal behavior. If you're not aware to pick up on the very early signs of aggression, you may not have a good resolution here. The fact that you consider his chasing your husband "play" tells me you're not very familiar with animal behavior, and your entire family, that hen included, will probably be happier if the rooster is gone.
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  6. keesmom

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    Jul 28, 2008
    No, he doesn't. He isn't "play chasing" him around the yard. That dancing and prancing is dominant behavior, and your cockerel is treating your husband like a subordinate male.It should have been stopped the first time he dropped a wing at him.

    There is a reason why he is behaving this way. He's maturing. Human-coddled cockerels often become human aggressive because they have no fear of people.

    You are afraid of him, and his attitude to your husband is less than respectful. While there are several rooster rehab threads on here, I think you would be better off rehoming him. Those methods aren't always successful, and I think you would be better off finding a female companion for your lone hen. You could actually keep them together permanently.
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    Sep 25, 2015
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    I'm going with donrae on this one. An aggressive chicken can easy take an eye out, or screw up just about anything. I'd be more tempted to slap his head off, or cull him. Someone stands a good chance at getting hurt.
  8. fire370

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    I'm with Donrae on this. I have no tolerance for this. In fact, I took out one of our prized breeding Roos tonite. He had his one warning beat down last night. Obviously he didn't learn and flogged me tonite. Got his neck rung for it. We will have chicken something or another tomorrow night for supper.
  9. eagrbeavr

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    Hazelhen, sounds like some great advice and should be taken in the spirit intended (if it came across harsh to you). This rooster could be a life test for both of you. I'm not suggesting you keep him. In fact, you both sound like youre too easy going and polite of people for this project. I will say, dont think youre being mean by commanding respect. Commanding. You learn how to do that with an animal, then apply it to your life and see what happens. In fact. What do you do for a living. Your husband also. Is there any place in your life where youre really good at what you do, and it has leadership skills to it? Go there in your mind when youre dealing with this bird. Command respect. Learn the subtle behavior and nip that sh&t in the bud. If youre not that type a person, and thats cool too, dealing with a disrespectful animal that wants to hurt you cant be tolerated. Ever. If he put you in the hospital, do you think he'll send you a card? Say he's sorry for what he did? No. Get rid of him and get yourself and your hen another hen. Quickest way to peace, imo. Good luck!
  10. farmagryl

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    Jan 25, 2016
    I was reading these post on Monday, hanging the rooster....buddy got aggressive with me this morning so I grabbed him and hung him for a few minutes and he seemed to calm down. should I hold him upside down longer next time. It was funny... I held him upside down and was telling him he is not the boss I am he is just a chicken. I hope it works because I don't want to get rid of him. Thanks for the info!

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