Help! My Rooster Lost His Eye!!

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  1. redbuffalo

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    Feb 22, 2009
    Honeoye Falls, NY
    My beloved BLR Wyandotte Roo lost his eye. He is healthy otherwise, I am assuming someone pecked it out. He has an infection in the socket which I am flushing with a saline solution followed by some erthamyacin ointment. How long does this take to heal up? Will it require long term care to keep the eye clean? Any suggestions?? Really sad about this as he is the nicest guy with a wonderful, sweet personality and I just hope he will be OK. Thanks in advance for any help:)
  2. meow

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    Mar 20, 2008
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    My rooster Fiesty lost sight in his left eye when he was about six months old (he's 2 1/2 now) when a dog broke into our coop. We heard a lot of upset chickens and a dog barking and when my husband got to the backyard, the dog had carried Fiesty off to the middle of the yard shaking him so violently that feathers were flying everywhere. The dog took off and dropped Fiesty on the ground. There was blood all over his face and body. We cleaned him up and fixed the coop and a spot in the fence where the dog got in. His eye remained in the socket; but, has since glazed over. The other roosters ended up picking on him so we put him and Little Red Hen into their own "house". He get's along fine - just don't approach him from the left side! He's turned into my sweet "little" boy and I am his second hen. He circles me in his little dropped wing mating dance and occasionally runs up my back and onto my shoulder for a ride. I do love my chickens (7 roosters, 10 hens)!!!!! I can't give any advice about how to take care of the socket; but, even with one eye they will still take care of the girls.[​IMG] There is hope for his future!

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