Help - My Sussex and barred rock look like they have head colds!


6 Years
Aug 20, 2013
have 8 beautiful birds from Mt. Healthy hatchery. One month ago added 2 Barvevelders and 4 copper Marans from a farmer. These birds looked a little "dirty" but I was assured they were healthy and in lay. Well, 5 days ago my barred rock started getting mucus coming from her nose and her beak was tacky. She looked like she was gulping air and her eyes were swollen and partially closed. She hasn't ate a bite and has drsank very little. She's been given drops of ChickenRX and also antibiotics in her water. She's been isolated from the flock for 4 days but now the Sussex is starting to look the same and the Barred rock looks no better. We looked up diseases and such and thought it was an infectious bronchitis but aren't really sure. Any ideas or advice would be great.
What antibiotics are you giving her? If the disease is caused by a virus, antibiotics will not help. The symptoms you describe could fit any number of respiratory diseases, as many respiratory diseases appear almost the same. Give them some electrolytes to help them build up their strenght, but while you're giving antibiotics, you should not give probiotics/yogurt.

The symptoms make me think that is is a bacterial disease. Viral diseases are usually less severe, and less likely to cause swelling of the face. I think that your birds could have Chronic Respiratory Disease. However, as I've said before, identifying the exact respiratory disease is very difficult. Antibiotics should be helping if it is a bacterial disease, so if they aren't working, you may not have the right antibiotics or it might be viral.

Sorry I couldn't be more helpful! Keep us updated with any changes.
Give them all corid. It sounds like cocci. A simple search will give you more than enough information on it.

I don't mean to contradict you, but the symptoms don't really sound like Coccidiosis to me. Coccidosis causes lethargy, droopiness, lack of appetite (sometimes), bloody diarrhea (sometimes), paleness, and sleepiness. The symptoms that the original poster described sound more respiratory.
I am sorry, I was posting responses on two different threads and got them mixed up. I already corrected the other one.

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