Help My Turkey Is Sick Wont Eat Has Yellow Runny Stool

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    My Hen Went From Being A Active Hungry Turkey To Droopy Wont Eat Has Yellow Runny Stool Stays Off To Her Self Now. She Is The Only Turkey We Have Other Than Some Wild Ones That Come In Once In Awhile. She Hangs Out With The Geese And Ducks Around The Pond. Does Anyone Have Any Idea What Could Be Wrong?? How Do You Worm Them?
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    Yellow droppings and loss of appetite/activity level are sometimes signs/symptoms of Blackhead disease (histomoniasis). A pretty complete description is offered in the link below:

    Unfortunately, the most effective med for this is no longer available (Emtryl/Dimetridazole). I was going to refer you to Foy's Pigeon Supplies (were still selling it for pigeon canker last year), but it has been removed from their current catalog in the past two weeks.

    A relative that is somewhat effective is Flagyl (Metronidazole) dosage at: Metronidazole 50 mg/kg b.i.d. for 5-–7 days (some folks just use one 250mg tab once a day = can't vouch for effectiveness of that).

    I'd probably give First State Vet Supply a call (they carry the 250 mg tabs of Metronidazole and can give you a better idea on dosing).

    If it is Blackhead and your turk survives, clean everything and move the run if possible. Then start worming on a regular schedule with Valbazen.

    If your turk doesn't make it, try to get a necroscopy done (only way to be sure). If it isn't Blackhead then the more rigorous cleaning/disinfecting and movement of runs probably wouldn't be necessary. Since the causative agent can remain in the soil for up to three years, can be carried around in different stages of its life cycle by various hosts (earthworms/wild birds/chooks), or eaten and moved around by other animal/insects as well, it is important to find out.

    You could also add two tablespoons of organic ACV (Bragg's and Spectrum are common brands) to the water, three drops of polyvisol enfamil (without iron) vitamins a day for a week and try scrambled/chopped eggs to up protein intake.

    There are feed additives/arsenicals that are also used - more towards prevention rather than treatment (with lower survival rates) for Blackhead. Someone else will probably have some better ideas.

    Good luck!
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    I believe you can get something called Fishzole (sp) at the pet stores in the fish department that has that ingredient in it..........

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