Help, my turkeys leg broke, don’t know what to do

Goddess hen 763

Sep 25, 2019
I had 5 white turkeys, we went out to catch them one morning. Two of them were gone. Well, turns out a coyote got two and broke anothers leg. She’s okay and walking around, but she’s got a limp. She seems alright, but my dad thinks I should cull (kill) her. What should I do to help her with it.
Sorry about your turkeys and for your loss. How old is the injured turkey, and is she going to be raised for meat, breeding, or a pet? Is there any break in the skin where the leg is broken? Have you splinted the leg? Which bone is broken? Here is a link for splinting a broken bone:

I don’t how old she is. I’ll have to get back to you on that later. She’s just going to be an egg/pet turkey. There is no break in the skin, I’ve checked and I don’t know what bone it is. I’ve been trying to find out but I really just don’t know. Also thank you for the link.
If you can examine her leg tomorrow, and feel for any swelling or soreness, you might be able to tell what bone in the leg is affected. The lower leg is better for splinting. Upper leg injuries are much harder to treat or to recover from. Here is a video showing splinting of a lower leg:

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