HELP my wyandotte has an Injured wing and severed bone

Dec 30, 2020
I have no idea how it happened but i came outside today and my wyandotte hens wing was hanging down, i picked her up and took her inside and upon further inspection the bone was completely severed. The bird was acting fine and eating, can't afford vet and would avoid euthanizing as she's still acting strong and wanting to live.

I've brought her inside into a spare travel cot on the balcony.. and I've sprayed the area with antiseptic solution. What should i do? does anyone have experience amputating chickens wings?


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Jun 11, 2020
:welcome:woot:woot:celebrate:yesss:Hello and welcome to BYC, You found an Awesome poultry Forum to be a part of with many great knowledgeable members who are more then willing to jump in and help you with any questions you may have. :)

Sorry to hear about Wyandotte, :( someone should be around to help you shortly, best of luck. :)

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May 10, 2020
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Not a chicken but I found a raven that had been shot through the wing at the "elbow" joint, right where the humerus attaches to the radius/ulna. I used a section of my shoelace to tie off the wing just above the wound, used shears to detach the damaged portion, then a saw and file to round the edge of the exposed humerus. I sutured the wound closed with waxed dental floss.

The raven not only lived, it thrived. He couldn't fly so he lived in our backyard for four years, stealing food from the dog bowls and mostly ignoring the food my wife made for him. He was always cautious of people but would come over for snacks and treats. He eventually died and I found him in the roost box I built for him at the top of an old stump he was able to climb. Old age; he'd slowed down a lot during that last year but not shown any sign of illness or disease.

As an aside, I had called the state fish and game; the officer told me they'd send someone out to euthanize it. I wasn't ok with that.

To HCF, if a vet isn't in your budget and culling doesn't fit your hopes, you might give it a try if you're comfortable with field medicine. I do most of my own sutures so I was familiar with stopping blood flow and light suturing.

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