Help need advice for sick silkie hen

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  1. irishlmg60

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    Jun 23, 2015
    Today my little Ezzamarelda seems to be getting worse. Day 3 of 2nd phase (5 cc CORID / Coccidiosis treatment
    Fed her:

    5 cc Boiled egg yolk & Dannons vanilla yogurt (about a 1/1 ratio)

    10 cc Save a Chick electrolytes

    1/4 crushed Garlic (medium sized clove)

  2. irishlmg60

    irishlmg60 In the Brooder

    Jun 23, 2015
    My silkie wont eat walk.. peck... seems off balance.. and actually seems like she cant see. I have trimmed around her eyes now and awaiting results.

    This all started about 3 weeks ago.
    Week 1
    I found her in the middle ofthe yard "nesting" or so i thought. About an hour later she was in same spot... i went for her and it appeared something had poked her head hard enout to make it bleed. I babied her, cleaned her wound and kept her inside with me. the next few days she was very lethargic
    I began syringing food and checked her little feet feathers. I felt that a couple feathers were irrutated and thought perhaps this was the cause of her lack of interest to move around.. very lathargic. Wont dust bath. Nothing. She perked up eventually & began foraging with the others for a period few hours then
    The next day again lethargic.

    Electrolites... so i started syringing electrolites as well as food again...

    Week 2
    After reading up on symptoms I treated her for coccidicous (although there was NO blood in her stools)
    CORID powder did the math and began a 5 day regime. At end of 5 days she seemed to have improved.. pecking.... Foraging hanging some with the others.

    Week 3
    Now the week in-between has expired so i am giving her the 2 phase ofthe treatment. She improved. Now i have waited the week inbetween and am day 2 of tge treatmet Nothing.

    Week 4
    Today i started to think maybe she cant see. When i hold food in front of her and she goes for it.. she just pecks my fingers almost like she doesn't see the food. Then she will accidently get it and eat it up.

    Today she began going somewhat limp when I try to get her to walk around.. like she sorta falls over.

    She is about 9 months old and i dont think she has started laying prior to this.. her sister is laying they hatched at same time but i dont know if they are from same stock.
    Help me please
    She is so sweet. I can't bare the thought of loosing her.
  3. TeemSeleen

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    Oct 28, 2016
    HELP. I noticed my hen a little more than 2 years old also in the same spot all day, I thought just resting. She is breathing, but barely opens her eyes and that's only when I pick her up. She won't stand. She does seem completely lethargic as you noted. I put a bowl of sugar water by her and her head just falls in the bowl. I don't know what to do.

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