Help! Need idea's for indoor chicken pen's.

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  1. SamDogg

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    Jun 7, 2010
    Ok, I finally got my husband to agree to build me a building for my chickens. We have several small buildings that have all been made from recycled materials, all free except for fencing. This has worked well for the past 6 years, but we are getting more expensive birds as the kids are getting into showing and I need to make sure all of the birds are safe!. So, we have built a 30x40 pole barn that I am having 5 8x10 pens built into. I will have a large storage area, and area's for cages for extra rooster's. Eventually I will add a room for brooder's, so I get them out of my garage. So my questions are: We will be using plywood around the bottoms 4' of the pens to keep the dogs from jumping up and damaging the fencing, should I paint the plywood to help it resist mites and make it easier to clean? If so, is there any paint that is safer to use than another. Second Question- I will be keeping mostly feather footed varieties in white and black in these pens. I am considering using sand for the flooring but am wondering about it staining the foot feathers of the white colored birds. Has anyone had a problem with this? We are just about finished with the indoor pens, then will begin work on outside runs. I have spent months reading all the post's here on BYC and have enjoyed every moment of it, and have really learned alot. Thanks everyone for all your info.
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    Feb 24, 2011
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    1. Forget about the apostrophes. [​IMG]

    2. It sounds like a neat plan. I wouldn't think that plain sand would stain, but the stuff that might mix in with it could. Are the girls going to have a sunny yard?
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    Thanks Chickendales for the link. More ideas to think about.

    Yes, LizzyJo the girls will have a sunny yard. That is "phase 2" of the building plan. I haven't decided for sure how big the outdoor runs will be. Space is not a problem, but it will get pretty pricey as I have to use 1/2" hardware cloth for all fencing. We have alot of trouble with mink in our area and have to make sure they cannot fit through, or dig under.

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