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Apr 21, 2009
hi there i have a problem with a baby chick and i think its a major prob..
what happened is my broody hen has been sitting on approx 10 eggs for the last 24 days now she has hatched 5 stood on 1 and killed it by mistake ... and pushed one egg out now the 1 she pushed out off the nest hatched but it has a lump of what looked like organs under its belly ...mummy hen was not having anythingto do with chick after approx 4 hrs after still not doing anything i decided to remove it from the brooder box we thought it was dead...

however it started kicking and gasping for air so i rushed into the incubato to heat the poor thing up we left it in the bator for near on 4 hrs... and it was stating to become more and more active but it still had this sack thing hanging from its belly was getting inthe road so i decide to operate... i now i shouldnt have without asking for advice first but if the little guy had anychance at all i thought i would have to act so removed the sack...but there still appears to be a bit hanging there idont want to cut any more off...

the little fella is rolling around the bator and chirppin a lot wich i think is a good sign.. but i need to know if little guy has any chance of surviveing....any advice would be appreciated

i have took picts but not sure how to upload them...
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I've never hatched a chick so I don't know the correct answer; but that wasn't it's yolk sac you removed was it? The one they feed on for the first few days?
That was my concern too. That sack is pretty essential to their early nutrition. I'm rooting for the little guy, but his odds of making it are pretty slim. Usually a hen pushes out an egg like that because she can sense there is something essentially wrong with the fetus inside.
hi there he survived the night not sure what to do now ..

dont think it was his yolk sac been reading up about that and it seems to happen quite a lot ...
well it was red andhard i think it was his innards pure guy ..guess all i can do is wait im suprised he lived thru the night..have been trying to get him to drink but he just flops about.. what to do arggggh...

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