Help needed with African Geese

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    Mar 14, 2009
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    Sorry wrong section

    I posted several days back about my African gander mating with my ducks. Well I found an African female for Gus. He is 2yrs old and she will be 1yr old late summer. Since he was raised with the ducks I am having a problem with him. First of all the new girl, we call her Gabby, loves Gus and follows him around. I put her in with Gus and the ducks for a couple of days so he could get used to her. She follows him everywhere and he does everything he can to avoid her. Today we put the two in a seperate pen and shed. Gus is very unhappy, pacing back and forth. I feel so bad doing this but have to for the safety of the ducks. I have discovered that not only are a few ducks limping but found one with feathers missing on her back and a good sized surface cut. Will he adjust and how long do you think I should give it? Any suggestions would be appreciated. I have them locked in the shed right now (screen door to look out) so they can get used to it before letting them out.

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    Sounds liek you're doing everything you can!!

    The rest is a mental issue! I think....??

    Good luck!
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    This isn't a solution. But African geese usually mate for life. I have had some for 4 yrs or better. One of my pairs the male was killed 2 yrs ago. She stays with my ducks. I have another pair and another male but he wont go near her and she wont go near him. Now I have never forced the issue as they free range, but I really feel sorry for her. But I dont have the same problem. The ducks don't mess with her. Hopefully isolating them will help some.
    Good Luck,
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    Unfortunately if you free range he will always go after the ducks and your drakes may favor her. In my case I have 11 geese and about 14 ducks and odd chickens. My geese even let the roosters mate with them. They all pair up during spring and tend to stay together but again will swap partners. I would keep them together in the shed for a month at least. This should get them somewhat bonded. The limping and feathers missing may not all be from Gus. Drakes can get very agressive and I have had limping and hurt duck hens from that.

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