Help needed with Antenna coop door opener

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    Oct 27, 2011
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    My techy DH says:

    A device this would require 2 power lines. One is the trigger voltage or signal. The other is a constant power. Remember the thing cannot move unless it has power at all times. This premise is used for retaining the stations saved on a car radio and many other applications. Be sure the main power is always connected while the trigger wire is on your switch.
    Step 4 the grounds are tied together.
    The whites are your 2 12v signals.
    Step 5 refers to constant power. (required). This guy used the brown wire for his constant 12v.
    Step 6 shows the yellow wire is the switching 12v signal. Antenna up +12v or Antenna down 0V.

    This next part could confuse a person.
    In step 5 he referred to the constant 12v brown wire
    In step 10 he tied the constant power using the yellow wire. (tied to red)
    This should have been brown to red.
    Step 11 should have been yellow to blue (trigger voltage)
    Step 12 is right as White tied to black.

    One last note: I do not have access to this antenna module so its assumed red is constant hot on your unit.
    You can check your unit's user-manual to be sure. In any event the writer of the mentioned article switch color patterns in the middle of the article which means you probably have the switched voltage tied to the constant power input of the antenna unit.

    -Good Luck
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